Our Process

Juicing is an exceptional way of enhancing your wellbeing.  When you remove fiber from fruits and veggies it allows for your body to absorb loads of nutrients without much effort at all.  A typical juice contains between 1.5 lbs-2 lbs of produce.  Yes, that's a LOT!  Could you imagine sitting down to one meal and eating 2 lbs of kale?  That's why we love and praise the benefits of juice.  We take these benefits one step further by offering our customer Cold Pressed Organic Juice. 

We produce our juice on a GoodNature X1 Hydraulic Cold Pressed Juicer.  This beast is 6' tall, weighs nearly 450 lbs, uses 10 TONS of pressure in pressing the juice and rings in at $25,000.


It's simple.  It produces the highest quality juice in terms of taste, texture and shelf life, you can get!  

Unlike juice that is made on a centrifugal juicer (think your typical home juicer) cold pressed juice is not exposed to any form of heat in the process which produces a beverage that is smoother, brighter and higher in nutrients.  Even better, cold pressed juice maintains the same level of nutrients for 3-5 days after it is pressed.  In addition, centrifugal juices must be consumed immediately and are typically filled with pulp and chucks of produce.  We choose to serve cold pressed organic juice because we want to deliver you the best, nutrient-dense product possible!

 You can read about the lab tested differences between Cold Pressed Juice and Centrifugal Juice by clicking here.

Our Ingredients

At Nourish, we believe that the food we eat can do more than just fuel our bodies, it can also impact our community and the planet.  That is why we love working with Local Organic Farms.  We live in the agriculturally rich Hudson Valley and are blessed to be surrounded by farms that use organic practices.  It is our honor to partner with these farms to bring you the cleanest, most nutrient dense juices, meals and treats you could dream of!  When you purchase from our shop you support the local economy 2 fold- you support my dream of Nourishing my community and you support your local farmer!

Our goal for Nourish is that all the produce (outside of our Tropical fruits - think, pineapple, avocado, mango, bananas, etc) be grown right here in the Hudson Valley.  Including, the 2 acre plot we will be planting this spring on our farm, Gatherwild Ranch, in Germantown, NY.  

Zero Food Waste

In addition to our dedication to serve you only organic foods, you can feel good about the fact that our café produces ZERO FOOD WASTE.  Yes, you read that right.  Each day we fill several 5 gallon buckets of food scraps, from the parts of produce that can't be cooked, juiced or have rotted. We then bring those scraps back to the farm to feed our chickens.  Our "girls" scratch, peck and poop their way through the food scraps, ultimately creating the most luxurious compost that goes back to our garden. This "black gold" is the fertility for the future veggies that will soon become the base of your juice, quinoa bowl or soup.  It's a beautiful closed-loop nourishment system.